Baggy Eyelids

In addition to droopy, sagging eyelids, some patients suffer from a 'baggy' or 'puffy' appearance of the eyelids. This condition is more often seen in the lower eyelids, although the upper eyelids can be involved as well. The cause of baggy eyelids can be several, including fat deposits, excessive skin, and fluid within the soft tissue of the eyelid. In the case of lower eyelid involvement, an associated looseness of the supporting tendon can result in chronic tearing or irritation.

Eyelid surgery can dramatically improve a puffy, tired appearance by removing the excess skin and fat that can cause baggy, puffy eyelids. If necessary, the tendon of the eyelid can be tightened to stabilize the eyelid position at the same time. A more stable lower eyelid can reduce symptoms of tearing and irritation, resulting in more comfortable eyes. A qualified oculofacial plastic surgeon can determine the cause of a baggy or puffy eyelid and recommend appropriate treatment options.