Treatment of Dry Eyes

It is important to realize that Dry Eye Syndrome is a chronic condition for most patients. As such, a sensible, long term management plan is needed to provide the desired relief. Good patient education and realistic expectations will help the patient follow the recommended treatment plan over a sustainable period.

It helps to identify external factors, which contribute to the Dry Eye Syndrome. These factors may include medications, work environments, smoking, contact lens usage, etc. If possible, these factors should be reduced to decrease the symptoms.

The next step is to apply additional lubrication to the eye. An important step in this phase of treatment is to incorporate medicated eye drops to decrease the inflammation of the eye surface. There is a large selection of available eye drops; your doctor will be able to help choose the appropriate drops for you.

For the sustained relief of dry eyes, tear duct plugs can be used to improve tear retention in the eyes. In many cases, tear duct plugs can decrease the patient's dependence on the frequent use of eye drops.
The treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome needs to be streamlined for each individual. What works for one patient may not be applicable for another patient. An experienced eye care specialist can help you manage chronic dry eyes and attain relief.