A decreasing tolerance to the prolonged use of contact lenses is often seen as a patient approaches middle age. It is quite frustrating to the suffering patients. Yet, this change is normal and expected. As we age, our tear production decreases. Women undergo menopause, which contributes further to Dry Eye Syndrome. Also, our work environment is often dry; and many patients stare at the computer monitor all day long, which worsens dry eye symptoms.

Despite these problems, the proper management of dry eyes can allow the patient to continue to wear contact lenses comfortably. Some steps would include proper lens selection, avoidance of lens overuse, and environmental control. The addition of medicated eye drops (such as Restasis) and the use of punctal plugs can provide further relief.

A customized treatment plan that fits the lifestyle of each individual will help that person to enjoy the continued use of contact lenses for many years to come.

Dry Eyes and Contact Lens