Spasms of the eyelid can occur spontaneously or in association with disease. Regardless, living with eyelid spasms can be quite annoying. In severe cases, a person cannot function because of compromised vision.

The most common form of eyelid spasm is "reflex spasm." This condition is associated with fatigue, stress, or local eye irritation such as dry eyes. Often this type of spasm is self-limiting in duration and will resolve spontaneously. If a speedier resolution is desired, BOTOX treatment can eliminate spasms in one session.

There are two other types of eyelid spasms that require more chronic treatment. They are called "Benign Essential Blepharospasms" and "Hemifacial Spasms." These conditions are neurological and are often associated with other facial spasms as well as dry eyes. A more comprehensive evaluation and a well-streamlined treatment plan (including BOTOX, medications, and surgeries) are needed for the effective management of these types of spasms.