Droopy Eyelids

As we age, the tendon or skin of the eyelids can become loose, resulting in droopy, sagging eyelids. Medically, this condition is called "blepharoptosis" (for the loose tendon) or "dermatochalasis" (for loose, excessive skin). Often an individual may present a combination of both conditions.

Sagging upper eyelids can falsely portray an aged or tired appearance. In more severe cases, vision can be obscured or even blocked by the sagging skin and the associated eyelashes. Similar conditions can also arise from injury, muscle or nerve disorders, or congenital birth defects.

An eyelid lift surgery can dramatically improve a tired appearance by removing the excessive skin that causes sagging eyelids. If necessary, the tendon within the eyelid can be tightened to stabilize or elevate the eyelid position at the same time. The blocked eyesight will improve with proper lid elevation, resulting in better vision. A qualified oculofacial plastic surgeon can determine the cause of a droopy eyelid and recommend appropriate treatment options.