Eyes Turning In or Out

Entropion describes a condition in which the lower eyelid or lashes turn or roll-inward towards the eye. It may be caused by age, inflammation, scarring, injury, tumor, or by congenital defect. A common complaint is chronic eye irritation, which may in turn result in excessive tearing, infection, corneal damage, and impaired vision. Eyelids that turn outward are a condition called ectropion. It is often an effect of the aging process, but may also result from tumor, injury, or Bell's Palsy.

Entropion and ectorpion can cause chronic eye irritation, which can lead to excessive tearing, crusting, infection, corneal damage, and impaired vision. Both conditions may be re-position it against the eye. Other surgical and non-surgical treatments can be used, depending on the circumstances. It is important to treat the cause of the problem to prevent recurrence.